Monday, December 26, 2011

The Latest Developments of Integral Theory - Video of Nick's Presentation

I recently attended a talk by my friend Nick Hedlund-de Witt (video below) at the PCC forum (a student group at the California Institute of Integral Studies) in San Francisco.

UPDATE 01/07/12: The video permissions have changed and it is not publicly available anymore. I'll try to find out why.
UPDATE 01/09/12: It turns out the folks at the PCC Forum are waiting for Nick's authorization to re-publish it and he's on vacation at the moment. Stay put!
UPDATE 05/07/12: Well well... it seems that Nick doesn't want to keep that video up - shame on him. He said he might do another one, a better one. Hah! Be sure I will share it when it comes along.

I'm hungry for such presentations for two reasons:
  1. First, Nick is an Integral scholar deeply immersed in Integral Theory (IT), in other words he knows his stuff, so whether we like or agree with what he says, we can trust him to tell us when he is describing IT and when he's building upon it.
  2. Most importantly, he is distinguishing between the different phases of Integral Theory (IT) and presenting its latest development. Finally an in-depth presentation of IT and of its place in the overall philosophical discourse.
Nick's target audience are the philosophy students of CIIS, so even though he's trying to keep it simple, you got to like the topic! But if like me you've been looking for a middle ground between the Pop-Integral culture and academic articles, this video might be just what you need.

Oh did I mention it's 2 hours long? Here are some time cues:
You can skip Nick's presentation  ->  jump to 0:03:00.
'Internal' critiques of Integral Theory -> jump to 1:01:55.
'External' critiques of Integral Theory -> jump to 1:11:10.